Punch4 €

To choose : Bourbon, Coconut, Vanilla, Litchi, Ginger, Lime, Pineapple

Ti punch5,50 €

Piña Colada4 €

Coco, Ananas Punch

kir maison au cassis4 €

Martini 4cl4 €

Whisky 4cl6 €

Ricard 2cl4 €

Flavored Beer 33cl5 €

Heineken 25cl 3,50 €

Picon bière 25cl4 €

Carola bleue/verte3,50 €

Juice3,50 €

To choose : exotic, pineapple or guava

Coca-Cola3,50 €


Menu dégustation de la case32 €

Starter : Assiette dégustation (Cod balls, samosas, steamed meat balls, fried shrimp, spicy mixed vegetables)
Dish : Rougail de saucisses (Smoked Sausages Rougail with yellow rice) OR Massalé de cabri (Young Goat with yellow rice)
Homemade dessert

Menu Saveurs de l'Océan Indien32 €

Starter : Assiette composée (Cod balls, samosas, fried shrimp, spiced mixed vegetables)
Dish : Massalé de sourîtes (Octopus Massalé with yello rice) OR Cari de poisson (Fish Cari with yellow rice)
Homemade dessert

Menu délices des îles32 €

Four cold dishes : spicy mixed vegetables, palm heart, eggplant salad, avocado salad
And five hot dishes : samosas, fried shrimp, cod balls, creole black pudding, steamed meet balls


Cold starters

Achards de palmiste6 €

Palm heart macerated with saffron and ginger

Achards de légumes6 €

Vegetables macerated with saffron and ginger

Avocat crevettes8 €

Shrimp and Avocado salad

Pirogue Sainte Rose 7 €

Cucumber stuffed with sardines

Salade Île Bourbon7 €

Plate of raw vegetables with shrimps

Hot starters

Boudins créoles et achards de légumes7 €

Creol black pudding and vegetables macerated with saffron and ginger

Beignets de crevettes8 €

Fried shrimps

Boulettes de morue6 €

Cod balls

Bouchons de viande à la vapeur7 €

Steamed meat balls

Samoussas6 €

Meat fritter or fish fritter

Assiette dégustationPOPULAR13 €

Cod balls, samosas, steamed meat balls, fried shrimp, spicy mixed vegetables


Meat without accompaniment

Massalé de cabri - chèvre16 €

Young goat meat Massalé

Cari de volaille13 €

Poultry Cari

Cari de porc13 €

Pork Cari

Cari de boeuf13 €

Beef Cari

Rougail Boucané - lard fumé13 €

Smoked bacon Rougail

Rougail saucissesPOPULAR13 €

Smoked sausages Rougail

Fish without accompaniment

Massalé de zourites (poulpe)15 €

Octopus Massalé

cari de poisson13 €

Fish Cari

Cari de crevettes16 €

Shrimps Cari

Cari de gambas18 €

Prawn Cari

Rougail de morue15 €

Cod Rougail

Accompaniments for meat and fish

Riz blanc3 €

White rice

Riz jaune - safran et ail3,50 €

Yellow rice, saffron and garlic

Sauté de légumes3 €

Mixed vegetables

Haricots rouges3 €

Red beans

Grilled meat and fish with rice and vegetables

Brochettes de gambas21 €

Prawn brochette

Brochettes de poisson18 €

Fish brochette

Brochettes créoles18 €

Creol bunch macerated with creole spices

Dorade royale21 €

Gilthead sea bream macerated with creole spices

Steak créole21 €

Creol steak macerated with rum

Poulet rôti au soja17 €

Roasted chicken with soja



Coupe Île Bourbon7 €

Tropical fruit salad, passion fruit sorbet, whipped cream

Coupe antillaise7 €

Rum grape ice cream, pineapple ice cream, whipped cream

Sorbets exotiques7 €

Lime, coconut and passion fruit sorbets

Piton des neiges7 €

Mango, meringue, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream

Banane de la fournaise7 €

Banana singed in the rum

Tarte coco tiède et glace vanillePOPULAR7 €

Warm coconut tart and vanilla ice cream

Salade de fruits tropicaux au rhum blanc7 €

Exotic fruit salad with white rum

Litchis au sirop7 €

Litchis in their juice

Assortiment gourmand de la case9 €

Assorted home made desserts

Coffees, digestives and liqueur

Café2 €


Café vanille2 €

Vanilla coffee

Décaféiné2 €

Decaffeinated coffee

Double expresso3 €

Double coffee

Thé ou tisane3 €

Tea or herbal tea

Rhum Blanc charrette de la réunion5,50 €

Charrette white rum

Rhum arrangé de la case bourbon6 €

Flavored rum

Rhum Trois Rivières6 €

Liqueur gingembre6 €

Ginger liqueur

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